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Very nice food

Jay, 24 Jun 2020

Fantastic meal 100% of the time. And always friendly when delivering.

Sam, 24 Jun 2020

We love Tony's it's been our family treat during lockdown and we have finally found a takeaway that the whole family can enjoy

Louise, 20 Jun 2020

The best pizzas I have ever eaten.

Claire, 20 Jun 2020

Lovely food

Lucy, 20 Jun 2020

By far the best pizza I have ever had in the UK. Forget the big names on the High Streets, nobody does a better pizza than Tony! Take the first bite, close your eyes and let the flavours take you through an incredible tour of Italy; from the classic Margherita you will find yourself in Naples; with the Scamorza and Speck you are transported to the north of Italy; with the Campana you'll be back in the sun rich South and the trip will go on and on with all the amazing flavours of Tony's Pizzas, Street Food and other offerings. Can't wait to try more Tony's wonderful food. THANK YOU!!

Pietro, 17 Jun 2020

Tony pizza is the best in Wickford

Steve, 17 Jun 2020

Friendly staff. Food is lovely. Best pizza in wickford

Daniel, 13 Jun 2020

Excellent authentic food, pizzas are fantastic. Service is good and delivery a godsend at the moment

Andy, 11 Jun 2020


Jay, 03 Jun 2020


Alan, 02 Jun 2020

Absolutely fantastic food

Claire, 30 May 2020

Great Food, Great quality.

Kristian, 29 May 2020

The best

Darren, 28 May 2020

Best pizza in/around Wickford without question.

Brian, 25 May 2020

Food was amazing. My only feedback is that when i ordered i was told it would be 60mins. Then when tracking the order it still gave the impression of an hour, however it was cooked and delivered in 20mins! Had i known it would only been 20mins i would have ordered later.

Jake, 23 May 2020

Best pizza ever

Darren, 22 May 2020

Excellent Italian pizza

Trevor, 21 May 2020

Very nice food

Arrianne, 20 May 2020

Very nice and easy to order very good food

Richard, 16 May 2020

Outstanding. Thank you for making a very bleak looking anniversary a little more special. We've been wanting to try you since you opened this seemed like a good opportunity and it was a great decision cant wait to order again

Michael, 06 May 2020

Amazing Food

Michael, 30 Apr 2020

Easily the best pizza in town. Not the cheapest but the quality is without question.

Brian, 28 Apr 2020

First time trying pizza from Tony’s and very tasty!

Amie, 28 Apr 2020

Best we've had for ages!

Chris, 23 Apr 2020

Fantastic food and service!

Bonny Spence , 22 Apr 2020